Online: Compact Business English Course
03.05.2021 - 09:00 Uhr


This course is suitable for everyone who wishes to spend a week improving their English skills. Whether you would like to improve your English for business and/or pleasure, this course offers you the opportunity to do so. The participants will be able to practise the English that they need for everyday situations, such as small talk, telephoning, working in a company, making appointments, travelling, booking and staying in a hotel etc. The course will include the chance to learn or repeat different aspects of grammar, to discuss various themes and to read and listen to different texts.

Die Kursgebühr beinhaltet eine Teilnahmebescheinigung. Die zusätzlichen Kosten für das Lehrwerk betragen ca. 30,00 EUR.


Dr. Lyn Heiming

Mo., 03.05. bis

Fr., 07.05.

09.00 - 14.30 Uhr

30 Ustd./ 134,00 EUR


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